19 October 2012 @ 10:33 am
Dear Yuletide Author  
Hello lovely Yuletide Writer,

First of all: Thank you so much! Yuletide is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.

General things: I'm happy with gen or with het, slash and femslash are good if it's canon. I'll read any rating, but I'd rather no PWP. I have no problems with violence or with foul language. Crossovers are loved, but by no means expected. You can get an pretty good idea of my fandoms by looking at my interests in my LJ profile. Or my username is the same on ff.net and AO3.

Fandom specific:
The Thick of It: I know Sam's about a grand total of about 60 seconds of screen time, but the small TTOI fandom has embraced her, and so have I. She must be something special to have neither been fired by Malcolm nor run screaming from him. So I'd love something with her. Malcolm/Jamie/Sam is my not-so-secret love, but I know that's pretty niche, and I adore these characters so much, that I'd pretty much be thrilled with anything. Tone-wise, something that matches the show would be good (but of course that runs a pretty wide gamut). Set any time during the series or pre/post canon is fine.

Veep: Not too much to add to my original request. With Veep, I would definitely prefer comedy.

Deadwood: The cancellation of this show still makes me furious. It's Deadwood, so something dark or introspective would be grand. But the show always had it's lighter moments, so if that's what your more comfortable with, great. But please, nothing totally fluffy. As I said, Adams is my favorite, though I love everyone else on the show as well. I like that he fills a spot for Al that Dan can't. Al and Dan have a closer bond of course, but when Al needs somebody who can see nuance and the longer game, that's Adams.